About dolphin therapy center

Nemo Dolphin Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is a unique place where you can combine wonderful vacation, quality treatment of various developmental disorders, marvelous dolphin therapy and accommodation in a luxurious hotel – all that right on the shore of the Black Sea!

Dolphin therapy is world-renowned method of medical and psychological assistance to children with developmental disorders. To achieve the best effect, we recommend combining a dolphin therapy course with other rehabilitation procedures. Children may undergo a comprehensive system of health-improving, correctional and educational procedures at Nemo Dolphin Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. Dolphin therapy sessions help increase the child’s receptiveness to various therapeutic and rehabilitation programs, and improve the ability to digest new knowledge and gain new skills. The task of our specialists is to engage, with the greatest possible effect, various types of action and education during this period. Based on the specifics of illness and personal features of every patient, our professional physicians and psychologists select individual procedure and session courses.

We also offer accommodation in the immediate proximity to dolphins. Five-star Nemo Resort & Spa Hotel with dolphins: an excellent vacation for the whole family!

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