Dolphin therapy

Indicații pentru terapia cu delfini

The dolphin therapy method is efficient for neurological disorders in children.

Mecanisme de impact al terapiei cu delfini

Analysis of the patient’s encephalogram before and after dolphin therapy reveals the increasing number of endorphins, produced by the dolphin’s ultrasound effect. It creates relaxation effect, boosts abstract thinking and ability to learn, and produces calming and pain soothing effect. In addition, ultrasound generates the inflow of sodium and calcium, which also manifests itself in pain relieving effect.

Metoda terapiei cu delfini

Dolphin therapy is a method of medical and psychological rehabilitation and correction of children with various developmental disorders.

Rețeaua Internațională NEMO

Nemo international network offers unique and effective treatment of children with various disorders. Nemo international dolphinarium network has conceived dolphin therapy sessions in 2005 with participation of the best physicians and psychologists in the CIS. Today, our network features nine year-round dolphin therapy centers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.