Odesa infrastructure

Odesa is a modern city with rich history, beautiful architecture, sophisticated infrastructure and jovial, hospitable people! While visiting our Nemo Dolphin Therapy and Rehabilitation Center for treatment, you may not only improve your health but also spend a great time. Sea air will elevate your mood and charge you with positive energy. It has remedial effect, and therefore, when walking down Odesa’s waterfront, you will receive a truly healthy pleasure. Clean beaches and sea, green parks, the diversity of restaurants and entertainment establishments will brighten up your treatment procedures with bright, positive emotions, and the large number of museums, theaters and historical monuments will culturally enrich you and give you a lot of new, interesting knowledge. Children will surely find may interesting things in our city, too: captivating attractions and active game centers, or, on the contrary, quiet places for unhurried strolls by the seashore or in parks with broad-crowned trees.

Thanks to such a sophisticated urban infrastructure, do not hesitate to choose Nemo Dolphin Therapy and Rehabilitation Center for treatment or comfortable vacation.

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