The taping method

The taping method using functional (elastic) and regular (non-elastic) tapes has been aptly incorporated in rehabilitation process of treating musculoskeletal system diseases and traumas. Tapes are special adhesive bandages applied onto affected area, either for the duration of physical exercises only or for 2-3 days. The main effects produced by the physiotaping method include accelerated metabolic processes in tissues, removal of edemas, normalization of lymphatic and blood flows, increasing volume of movements in joints, pain and hyperthermia relief in the body, removal of pathogenic chemicals from tissues, inflammation relief, improved contraction and relaxation of muscles, unblocking muscle cramps and spasms. The taping method is widely used and combined with the Vojta and Bobath methods.



Duration of the procedure: 25 minutes.

The procedure performed byBozhena Olehivna Bukhovets

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