Sensory room

Sensory integration is a process during which the human nervous system receives information from receptors of all senses (touch, vestibular apparatus, the feeling of the body, smell, sight, hearing and taste), organizes and interprets them. If the processing of sensory signals is disordered, dysfunctions in the child’s motoric and cognitive development and behavior began to appear.

Our sensory room is filled with special equipment – a large number of sensory, vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile stimuli. Sessions held in this room are aimed at developing various senses and receptors, producing favorable effect on the child’s emotional state. The child will learn to perceive the surrounding world comprehensively and in a multifaceted form. The essence of the sensory room is calming down and relaxing the child, harmonizing the functioning of the nervous system, activating and stimulating all senses.



Duration of the session: 30 minutes.

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