Diagnostics and consultations

Children taking a dolphin therapy course are supervised by a neurologist. At first, he provides a consultation, and then, during a therapy course, monitors the child. At the end of the course, the child will be given a course completion report with recommendations concerning further treatment, depending on the specifics of illness.

Our neurologists specialize in the following diagnoses:

  • perinatal pathology of the central nervous system;
  • delayed speech-language development;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • neuroses;
  • neurocirculatory asthenia;
  • hereditary nervous system diseases;
  • early childhood autism

If necessary, the child will be prescribed examinations: electroencephalography, echoencephalography, rheoencephalography, transcranial Doppler sonography and other. Additional procedures may also be recommended, which the child may take on the premises of our center.

Duration of consultation: 30 minutes.

The procedure performed by: Olena Vasylivna Chorna

Doppler sonography is an ultrasound diagnosing method of examining blood circulation in various vessels.

Doppler sonography of head and neck reveals atherosclerotic changes and vessel aneurysms, and shows the speed of blood flow and vessel narrowing degree. Most often, blood flow disorders in childhood affect arteries and veins responsible for inflow/outflow of blood to/from brain, neck and shoulder tissues.


  • migraine;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • dizziness;
  • headache of unclear nature;
  • perinatal encephalopathy;
  • sleep disorders;
  • vestibulopathy;
  • disorders of attention, memory and thinking functions;
  • irritation, hyperexcitability.

Duration of the procedure:

The procedure performed by:

Electroencephalography diagnoses the brain’s electrical activity and identifies various anomalies. To perform this procedure, a special cap with electrodes connected to it is put on the patient’s head. This is how electrical activity is registered, and the doctor makes diagnosis by comparing the results of examination with normal parameters to localize disorders and determine the degree of disorder of particular parts of brain.


  • epilepsy;
  • delays in the child’s mental and speech development;
  • brain injuries;
  • tumors and cysts;
  • hypertension;
  • neurological manifestations: fainting, limb numbing;

Duration of the procedure: 30 min

The procedure performed byOlena Oleksandrivna Yurchenko

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