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Dolphin-assisted therapy Odessa

Course dolphin for kids:

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Swimming with dolphins for adults:

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Odessa Entertaining and Health Complex “Nemo” provides a dolphin-assisted therapy for your child all year round.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is recognized all around the world as non-specific method to boost protection strength of the body in different age, no matter do people suffer from different kind of disabilities or do they are practically healthy.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is also a method of medical-psychological rehabilitation and children correction with different development disabilities.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is a special organized program for patients in optimal conditions with assistance of dolphins, dolphin-assisted therapist and psychologist. The best place to conduct dolphin-assisted therapy – is a special equipped dolphinarium.

With the help of dolphin-assisted therapy there is a possibility to:

  • To conduct correction of psychological development of people who suffer from various diseases of the nervous system;
  • To develop cognitive function of people with psycho neurological disorders;
  • To develop speech of children;
  • To remove chronic pain;
  • To reduce neurotic and vegetative-vascular reactions;
  • To reduce psychosomatic disorders;
  • To reduce involuntary movements, tics and spasms;
  • To conduct rehabilitation for people who have experienced violence or other stressful situations;
  • To prepare psycho emotional trainings for specialists who work at high stressful situations;
  • To organize both leisure and relaxation for healthy people: children and adults.


Treatment with the help of dolphins is based on psychological effect of human interaction with exotic animals in unusual environment, therapeutic sonar and sonophoresis effect that dolphins are making (for details see «Influence of psychological mechanisms» and «Influence of physiological mechanisms»). Animal-assisted therapy is a well-known technique that is practiced all around the world. To learn more about animal-assisted therapy you can now in Odessa.

Effect of dolphin-assisted therapy is greatly enhanced by classical sessions of physical therapy (massage, exercise therapy, laser therapy, electrical stimulation etc) Scientists also noticed that classes with speech therapist, psychologist are more productive and bring more results for a child during and after dolphin-assisted therapy.

Therefore Odessa Entertaining and Health Complex gives an opportunity for parents to get additional consultations at specialists and take additional services such as:

— Consultation of a neurologist

— Consultation of a speech therapist, classes with speech therapist

— Consultation of psychologist, classes with psychologist

— Verbal stimulation

— Laser therapy

— Massage

There is our office in Norway “Nemo-Scandinavia” for citizens of Scandinavian countries. Residents of the region can buy tickets and permits through official representative. Prices are reconciled, relevant with law and taxation of these countries. For additional information visit